Why not begin in the future?

Someday the making of art will be as common as the playing of sports and the shopping for things. When we are amongst thousand people making art at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration we set a standard for the world we want now.

Imagine a world where it is common to see artists making stuff everywhere.

  • You go to work, and you see artists quietly creating something.
  • You’re in line at the bank and observe, “oh there’s another artist interpreting this moment.  Wow she’s making this interesting abstraction”.
  • You’re drawing at your kids soccer game and there’s this whole other bunch of kids and adults making this large sculpture that appears to have some soccer metaphors.
  • You’re at the supermarket and about five of the shoppers appear to be developing some choreography.
  • Your parents who have a plumbing business are in creative discourse with another couple and they are putting on another multi media interactive installation.

In this future, it is typical for friends and family to be making things when they get together.  People talk about their creative work.  The synergy is generative. Creativity brings out both convergent and divergent thinking.  Everybody is innovating.  Because it takes such sensitivity to make art, people get closer.  As each person sensitizes more, we would be more likely to understand nuance and become less black and white in our thinking.

How will we all be changed when everybody has an art making practice?

Our collective level of listening and observation skills would be likely to be greatly increased.  Each of us would know ourselves and be able to honor our inner expression.  We would be need to be interested in the expressions of others as this would stimulate our own sensitivity and creativity.

A Thousand Artists is meant to be a catalyst that will shift the paradigm and spark a new sensitive and generative society.