National Make Art Out Everywhere Day

If you really can’t make it out to Washington DC to quietly make art of any kind with A Thousand Artists on Inauguration Day, (MLK Day!) Monday January 21, 2013, we invite you and yours to make art out in public wherever you are.

Bring some extra supplies to share with those around you.  You can dance, draw, write, paint, sculpt, act, sing, play music.

MC donalds

McDonalds,  fast food restaurants of all kinds and gas stations make wonderful studio spaces.  What is your favorite public studio space?


See if you can share your enthusiasm for creating with others.  Be as focused as a monk meditating like the art makers with A Thousand Artists in Washington DC.

Let people know that art making requires reflection and innovation and that if everybody made art of any kind for even as little as five minutes per day our country would change for the better.

LeChaun Linthicum from DC says, “If every American made art I truly believe there would be less stress, more communication, unity, happiness. A lot of therapists would be out of commission for sure”.

Jean Stark from Virginia remarks, “The practice of making art is a profoundly positive choice for living with awareness, honesty and meaningful reflection and outcome.  I believe if every American had an art making practice we would be a more happy country doing what is written in the first paragraph of the Constitution, ensuring justice, tranquility, promoting general welfare, having the blessings of liberty to ourselves.”

What do you think would happen if everybody in America had an art making practice of some kind?

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